Who am I?

That’s me over there with my daughter (Anna). As you can see we love hanging out on the water! I live near Birmingham, Alabama (USA).

My name is Jody Sheehan and I am a digital marketing enthusiast intent on helping everyone I can. What I will be sharing on this website…many of the gurus don’t want out in the open!

What This Site Does

I will be compiling all of the info I have gathered over the years from the top gurus in the business into this one easy to find place. I will also be interviewing today’s top marketers and getting them to share real truths that will get you real results. No more 1000 word sales pitches for products that provide 10 cents worth of quality. Everything on this site will be dedicated to learning from the true experts and helping you to practically execute their proven methods. You won’t find this info anywhere else. Sign up now to receive updates when these secrets are made available.

Why did I create this site?

Like many of you, I have spent countless hours scouring the internet searching for that “perfect way” to “make it”. What I usually found was a bunch of pretenders acting like they knew everything when actually I was just being duped (again). I was sick and tired of trying to filter through all the B.S. just to find one tiny little nugget that MIGHT help. I was ready to give up.

Good news! The above isn’t a problem…It’s actually a HUGE opportunity for you…because your competition is doing the same thing! Are you ready to take advantage?

That’s when I began learning from someone who had actually accomplished all the goals I wanted to accomplish…(and then some…or actually more like a thousand times more than I could have ever dreamed was possible). I was lucky. I just happened to be high school friends with one of the most famous digital marketers of all time. My decision to reach out to him for help changed everything!

The insane wealth of knowledge I had just gained access to completely blew my mind. Within mere days I was learning insider secrets I had never even seen mentioned in my hours of internet searching. I was listening to Will Smith’s (yes the actor) favorite story teller explain how Hollywood makes untold millions upon millions using little known story telling methods. I was given access to the life’s work of the 2019 Internet Marketing Legend award winner.


After learning all of this unbelievably invaluable information….I realized that most people never get this opportunity. I knew that right now, at his moment, people were out there going through the same madness I myself had been through. What I also knew was that I could help these people. That’s when it hit me! I needed to create a website where people like you could come to one place and get access to all of this info instead of scouring the web for failure after failure (which often feels like having paid thousands of dollars to set up a gold mine and finding out what you really found was fools gold. Worthless garbage. )

I wanted to help create a place help put an end to the seemingly endless sifting through all the fools gold looking for one real nugget (and rarely finding it). Thus, this site was born and created with you in mind. So let’s stop following the blind…for if the blind lead the blind, will not both fall into a pit? Don’t fall into that pit. Follow the one’s who have already proven the path. I’ll give you their secrets here at Affiliate Rag.

P.S. Let me know in the comments what you thoughts are…also let me know if you have any requests of content to be covered or questions answered. Thanks.

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Almost There!