When I first started studying marketing, I always heard about how I needed to “define my perfect customer”. It was a strange concept to me. How could I know what someone else wants? How would I even figure out WHO is supposed to be my perfect customer? Well, along the way I finally figured out HOW to go about this process , WHY it mattered and what the important aspects to look for are. Let’s learn how to “Define Your Perfect Customer”.

Why Define Your Perfect Customer?

There is old marketing quote that says “If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one”. Steve Jobs put it this way “If you want to make everyone happy, sell ice cream!”. There is wisdom in these quotes for one main reason… You can’t make everyone happy! There is very little personal investment to someone buying ice cream. Chances are it will be decent and taste like ice cream…and it will cost a few bucks.

In digital or affiliate marketing, you have to build trust. People are going to be deciding whether or not to spend money on you. They want to trust and connect with whoever they decide to jump in the ship with. The more broad you try to be with your marketing, the less likely you’ll actually connect with anyone, and the less likely anyone will care enough to let you earn their trust….and if no one trusts you, no one is going to buy anything you are selling!

So how do we earn trust? We build a relationship with our perfect customer, the person out there who has a real need for what you are offering and has the willingness to pay for that info or product. If we can provide the exact solution to their problem, we can earn their trust and not only get one sale, but can create lifetime customers. These are the customers that make or break a marketing operation.

Step 1. Define Your Niche

You may have already done this. If not, go HERE to learn the best ways to make sure you are in the best possible niche to make profit for you. I won’t dig deep into this here but it is important to know what type of product you will be offering before you can define your perfect customer. If you need help with this step, click the link above.

Step 2. Locate Your Perfect Customer

Once you have your niche defined, it’s time to start researching our Avatar (Perfect Customer). There are a few ways to do this. If you’re starting in a familiar niche, you’ll likely have an idea where to start looking. To get you started here are some ideas:

  1. Facebook Groups — Facebook is a very valuable tool if used correctly. Go to the search bar and search for your niche. You should see a list of groups. Check these out. Beware, many of these are just ad filled garbage. Try and find a group that is actually discussing your niche and not just looking for free advertising. Find active people on here and go to their personal Facebook profile.
  2. LinkedIn — If your not a big LinkedIn user, it has basically turned into Facebook for business. You can almost certainly find connections who have labeled themselves as your potential perfect customer. Try searching for specific terms used in your niche and connecting with people who have this interest.
  3. Amazon — You’re probably thinking “How can I find PEOPLE on Amazon? I’m glad you asked 🙂 Look for books on the topics in your niche (or products in your niche). When you find the top sellers (remember these for when you are deciding what products people are buying..), scroll down to the reviews. You’d be surprised how many people list their names and/or webpages on an Amazon review. I’ve found some that only had a name and pic… All I needed….I then went to Facebook and searched for their name. I already knew what they looked like. Now I have them on Facebook where most people share waaayyy too much…(which is good news for us!)
  4. Twitter — A simple keyword search on twitter can bring up loads of tweets, webpages, blog posts, articles and even products in your niche. Find the people at the root of these posts. Go to their profile page and see if they have shared any other info…go find them on FB ( they may have linked this in their twitter profile). Check out their blogs or websites. You may find more than you ever expected!

Step 3. Find The Right Person

You now have a list of people who are potential Avatars (or Perfect Customers). Find five to ten that are actively participating in your niche. Look through all the info you have available and determine which of these is most likely to actually spend money on your products. Best case scenario: you find two or three that fit. If you can do this, find the commonalities between them when you answer the questions below.

This may take a little bit of time, but it is worth it in the end. The more precise you can be when defining your perfect customer, the more likely you will be actually sell them your products.

Step 4. Answer These Questions

If you haven’t done so already, download the worksheet (enter email above) where you will answer these questions: (Print this out…you’re going to need it often!)

  1. How old are they?
  2. What gender are they?
  3. Where do they work? How much would that job likely pay?
  4. Are they married? Single? Dating? Have kids?
  5. What are their interests/hobbies? Write it down on the worksheet.
  6. What is their motivation? What is it that drives them to be interested in your niche? Why do they need you?
  7. What is their level of expertise in your niche?
  8. What are the main hold backs/ problems that need solving in your niche?

Answer all of these questions and fill them out in the worksheet I provided. (p.s. – it’s ok if you don’t have all of these answers, gather from the other people you have researched and make a general assumption on what would fit these people the best. Try to be specific!) Dig deep to find out specifically what problems they need solving. This should be a main focus of your marketing campaigns…Jay Abraham said this: ” “ if you can describe the problem better than your target audience, then they will automatically assume you have the solution.” To be able to accomplish this, you must know what problems they have that need addressing or aren’t being addressed properly.

Step 5. Market To This Person!

This is where the famous advice from above comes in handy. Don’t market to everyone, design your marketing campaigns to appeal to this one person! You will get higher click through rates and lower refund rates if you stick to this principle. Write your blogs with this person in mind. Create your landing pages for this person. Direct your YouTube videos to this person. To make this easy, take the worksheet you already filled out and place it next to your computer. Look at this worksheet throughout every step you take and make sure that every single one has this one person in mind. Now you will be ready to take the next step….Smashing your marketing campaigns! Find out how HERE !

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