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Dan Kennedy’s Essential Truths of Internet Marketing

You’ve probably heard the name. You may have studied his strategies for hours (like me)…or maybe you’ve never heard of him at all. Dan Kennedy was widely considered the world’s leading expert in marketing. His expertise transcended genres. He made many many millionaires using print media and digital marketing. The world’s leading marketers were paying him upwards of $20,000 a day for his assistance! Last year Dan passed away. However, luckily for us he left behind a wealth of info that is still changing people’s lives today. Today we are going to learn Dan Kennedy’s Essential Truths of Internet Marketing. Get your notebooks ready! These are the proven tactics from the world’s most proven expert!

New Media Doesn’t Change Old Media

Now I know what you may be thinking…”Media is constantly changing!” While that may be true, the concept is true that media doesn’t really change. Email is still email. Web pages are still web pages. Print media is still print media. Radio hasn’t really changed all that much either. I believe this is a foundational sticking point that many people in the digital marketing world seem to miss. Everyone seems to always looking for or promoting the “new great thing” in advertising methods.

Media Marketing

So, while there are new and exciting means of getting our content in front of our customers; the concepts we use in these potentially new mediums are still the same. Marketing is still marketing. We may get better at it as we go, but the basic principles never change. Therefore learning from someone like Dan Kennedy who has been around for decades is an extremely powerful and smart tool to have in your toolbox! Dan believed the only time any new media destroyed an older media was when movies went from silent movies to movies with sound. All other media has stood the test of time.

******Key takeaway^^ marketing will not be replaced any time soon!

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert at Everything

Dan tells a story about having a meeting with a Microsoft executive. He was with a group of heavy hitters in the direct marketing field. This guy filled up 4 walls with diagrams on how the tubes in the tv work. After about 15 minutes of them stands up and says “Kennedy doesn’t know how a lumber mill works either”. So what’s the point here?

Marketers who run ads in newspapers and magazines don’t know how the paper is made that the ads are printed on. In the same way, the ones running ads in tv didn’t need to know how the tvs worked. They could spend a whole lot of time learning how a tv worked, but then what? How would knowing how the picture shows up on a tv help you create a tv ad? Simply put, it wouldn’t! They simply needed to know how to create ads that worked the best on the tv.

******Key takeway^^..Don’t waste all your time learning how the internet works. You don’t have to be an SEO expert, a WordPress expert, a lead funnel expert, an email campaign expert and a marketing expert all in one to succeed. In fact, if you spend all your time learning these things, you’ll never spend enough time truly solving the needs of your perfect customer, and therefore going broke. Let the experts in those fields be the experts. Use their apps or services when possible. Services like GetResponse autoresponder will drastically reduce your learning curve in these areas as you rely on their already set up programs where you can just plug and play what you want into it…streamlining your process and allowing you to focus more on your products and services.

Direct Response Websites

It may seem obvious, but Dan defines this as a website that MUST function in a way that creates a direct response. The direct response here being whatever action you want the visitor of the website to take (ie. join email list, purchase product, join a webinar etc). Your website MUST be designed in a way that the entire function of the website is to point them in this direction. Everything the eye follows must be directed to the end goal. Completion of the desired action.

In the same way, do NOT engineer a site that interferes or distracts from the direct response completion act. What this means is don’t create a site with random videos, irrelevant ads, side bars that draw focus away from the goal and pictures that aren’t leading visitors to where you want them to go. Don’t pretend to know what the visitor wants. Guide them to make the choice you have designed for them to make. Henry Ford put it this way “If I had asked people what they wanted (when he ventured to create the automobile), they would have said ‘faster horses!’ ”

Act Now

******Key Takeaway^^.. Don’t give visitors to your direct response site a distraction of faster horses. Design every part of your site to direct them towards buying your automobile (or whatever action you have you had in mind when creating your direct response site)

Finally, the #1 Mistake in Digital Marketing

According to Dan, the number 1 mistake most people make is underestimating the difficulty of the task. Now don’t let that scare you! This isn’t to say how hard it is to make digital marketing work. What this really implies is that most digital marketers are lazy. They don’t bother taking the needed time to focus on the small details of their marketing campaigns.

Dan compares it to print media. When ads are placed in a newspaper or a magazine, there is very limited amount of space in which a marketer has to work with to get their message across, create a sense of urgency or scarcity, connect with the reader, present a problem they are having and provide them with a solution. In this setting, every single square inch of their ads are vitally important to their success. They are paying for each square inch they are using so every tiny spot they pay for must be meticulously planned out to maximize their effectiveness.

In the internet world, webpage space is endless and cheap. Anyone can create a website and throw up an ad without much time or effort. However….if you want to be truly successful, don’t take the lazy approach. Just like everything else in life, if you want to truly succeed; you need to invest in your work. Learn how to create pages that have buyers practically begging you to let them buy your products…and learn how to direct them exactly where they need to go to get it with no other distractions.


the above info can be found in an interview Dan did a few years back, you can find it here

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